Ulysses II

Makoto creates the “Nukegara” (= cast of skin) using his own technique. His sculptures are born from cast fabric that rests on the body.
The statue of Ulysses Grimani exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum of Venice is an important Italian cultural heritage and could not be plastered. The museum director asked artist Makoto to create a new contemporary sculpture of Ulysses.
This realization has been possible, thanks to the 3D technology of Virtualgeo srl. Ulisse Grimani’s sculpture was scanned and printed in 3D on a 1/1 scale. Later, Makoto has worked with this replica.
A dialogue between two sculptors, mediated by 3D technology, through the beauty of creating a Nukegara sculpture after 2,000 years. A Roman sculptor of the 2nd century AD and the Japanese artist Makoto today. Outside and inside St Mark’s Square in Venice.