Who is Makoto?


Makoto was born in Maebashi, Japan. As a child, he saw the Mona Lisa by Leonardo and strove to become an artist.

In 1986 he took part in the “Group exhibition of Higashinihon SCHOOL OF ART & DESIGN”, and won a prize from the Director of the same school – Maebashi. He discovered the world of contemporary art while attending this school.

In 1987 he graduated in Graphic Design from Higashinihon School of Art & Design of Maebashi. In the same year he moved to Italy and enrolled at the Fine Art Academy of Roma in the Sculpture course.

In 1988 he moved to the city of marble in Carrara, where Michelangelo worked, and strove to become a sculptor. He finished his studies and graduated in Sculpture in 1992 at the Fine Art Academy of Carrara.

He uses man’s cast skin and makes white installations. He performs in collaboration with artists of various genres such as photographers, dancers, musicians, designers, painters, actors etc. He has participated in the greatest artistic events in Europe.

In 2012 he won the first prize at the international competition “The 5th 100 Artist Exhibition” – New York. In 2013 he won a prize at the national competition “PREMIO ORA 2012” – Torino, the first prize at the national competition “Number X” – Milano and he won a prize at the “PREMIO ORA INTERNATIONAL 2013” – Buenos Aires.

He appeared in performances, a movie, video, TV commercials, etc. He acted in the film of Ermanno Olmi “Singing behind the Screens” in admiral Ching’s part, co-star with JunI CHIKAWA and Bud SPENCER.

In 2015 he did the stage manager at the Japan pavilion of EXPO in Milan, and he has set up a solo exhibition at the National Archaeological Museum of Venice.

Currently he lives and works in Italy.