What is Dancetallation?

Dance + Installation = Dancetallation
It is the fusion of dance and art installation


For many years the Japanese artist Makoto lives and works in Italy bringing his poetic contribution to Italians and European artistic events. For several years, in collaboration with the dancers of Japanese Dance Butoh and the dancers of Contemporary Dance in Europe, he has created the Dancetallation project to make the motionless body of the sculptures express with dance, which is synonymous of the body in motion since ever.

Dancetallation is one of the projects with the artist Makoto expressed his philosophy: the idea is to fuse dance (= movement) and installation Art (= stability).

The core of the project is always the human body in its mobile and still form, in his existence as being and in his becoming, in his present status and its expression through the floating form.

Dancetallation expresses the integration between the immobility of sculpture and the movement of dance, is the merger between stability and dynamic, being and becoming, East and West…